June 2, 2023

Governor announced this at the end of a working trip to the national village

Photo: Ekaterina Esther/nao24.ru

Relatives of the participants in the special military operation told the head of the region about three comrades from the village of Nelmin Nos. These are Vyacheslav, Ivan and Yuri. They grew up together, studied in the same class, and then decided to defend the Motherland together as well – they went to serve under the contract.

– Mothers, grandmothers and wives of warriors now also stick together. Together they wait for news from their sons. The meeting with the families of the SVO participants in the village of Nelmin Nos turned out to be very sincere, homely. All the questions voiced by the families of the soldiers were taken into work,” the governor said.

Photo courtesy of relatives of SVO participants

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