June 5, 2023

The Governor noted that this is necessary for the convenience of the residents of the region.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/nao24.ru

The passage of the spring flood has become one of the main topics at the governor’s weekly operational meeting. Lyudmila Sevastyanova, head of the Naryan-Mar OGMS, reported on the current situation in the Pechora. According to her, no dangerous and unfavorable phenomena have been recorded in the district at the present time.

“Today, the movement of individual ice floes is noted in the Gorodetsky Shar channel. The head of the ice drift develops below the village of Yushino. In the section from Kamenka to Oskolkovo, there is a drop in water levels to 65 cm per day, at other posts, the intensity of water level growth in the NAO was up to 60 cm per day. Pechora is expected to be completely cleared of ice on May 25–26,” the head of the OGMS said.

Taking into account the hydrological situation, the governor of the NAO, Yuri Bezdudny, instructed the relevant departments to work out the issue of opening navigation on the Pechora ahead of schedule. Recall that navigation in Naryan-Mar, Iskateley, Andegsky, Velikovisochny, Kotkinsky, Malozemelsky, Primorsko-Kuysky, Pustozersky and Telvisochny village councils should open from June 1.

“Today, the ice has practically disappeared, we can change the opening date of navigation so that those who use boats and boats have the opportunity to go to the river earlier. We have already done this in the west of our district. This week I am instructing to work out the issue of opening navigation on the Pechora with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, GIMS. We, in turn, are ready to change the resolution,” the head of the region said.

Before the opening of navigation, launching is prohibited. Residents who violate the ban may be held administratively liable. Alexander Dimitriev, Head of the Department of Civil Protection and Fire Safety of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, spoke about the incidents that occurred during the flood period at the meeting.

— On May 20, 2023, at 11:30 p.m., the Unified Duty Dispatch Service received a message on telephone 112 that a boat with two people was drifting in the ice near the Lesozavod. District rescuers went to reconnaissance. They assessed the situation from the shore and made sure that the boat could not be reached. For rescue, the MI-8 helicopter of the Naryan-Mar United Air Squadron was used. In addition, on the same day at 13:46, a message was received on telephone 112 that there was a person on the ice near the Lesozavodsky bridge. Employees of the KU NAO “Search and Rescue Service” delivered the citizen to the shore and held a preventive conversation. On May 21, information was also received that there was an animal on the ice on Lake Gorodetskaya Kurya, which ran away from the owner during the walk. Assistance was also provided, the animal was handed over to the owner,” said Alexander Dmitriev.

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