May 29, 2023

NAO24 attended the defense of projects and found out what interests modern children

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Make it so that students can receive benefits – a social scholarship or free meals – without unnecessary troubles. A kind of “State Services” for the Nenets Agrarian and Economic College is being developed by its students Maxim Sadkov and Roman Severov.

They called their information system “Student” and presented it at the regional stage of the X All-Russian Conference “Young Technicians and Inventors” in the State Duma.

– Now all the benefits are issued in paper form, through the accounting department, and coupons for free meals can be obtained in the educational unit. Electronically, it would be much easier. On the main page of our information system, you can see the full name of the employee and his role. For example, the name of an employee of the educational unit, the role – issues certificates that you are studying at a technical school. Further – information about students: full name, direction of study, group number. And here you can see the benefits themselves: free meals, issuance of certificates, and so on. That is, “Student” will be convenient for both NAET employees and students, – say Maxim and Roman.

Students dream of testing their system in the next academic year.

The regional stage of the X All-Russian Conference “Young Technicians and Inventors” in the State Duma was held in the children’s technopark “Kvantorium”. Participants presented five projects.

The winner was NAET student Nikolay Lyapunov. He presented the project “Server on Raspberry Pi” – a young man uses a small computer the size of a bank card as a network storage for writing a diploma.

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– It works as a system in the local network. That is, you connect to the Internet at home and you have a hard drive on any device. It runs on the Raspberry Pi OS system. Here you can safely store important files, as well as movies and music, says Nikolay Lyapunov.

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School student Stepan Gorban thought about modernizing public transport stops in the Far North. He proposes to replace them with full-fledged heated pavilions: there will be an electronic scoreboard with information about an approaching bus, a ramp for people with limited mobility, and even a pick-up point for orders from online stores.

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– I often travel by public transport and it is very inconvenient to wait for it in bad weather at open stops. Also, Naryan-Mar lacks an electronic scoreboard so that you can see how many minutes the desired bus will arrive. Most of all I liked the stop in the city of Norilsk: these are closed pavilions with automatic doors. Having analyzed the design of this and other stops, I developed my own comfortable waiting room for the cities of the Far North,” Stepan shares.

Alisa Karagulova offered to make the work of the miner easier. She looked at what robots were already in use in the mining industry and then thought about how they could be upgraded. One of the ideas of the schoolgirl is a methane engine that will allow vehicles to be refueled right in the mine.

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The youngest participant of the conference is Evgeny Lobanov. The boy made a cardboard phone stand. According to Evgeny, it is environmentally friendly, easy to use, and also convenient – his invention has a hole for a wire, that is, you can use the stand even when the phone is charging.

Photo: Ekaterina Esther/

Winners and prize-winners of the regional stage of the X All-Russian Conference “Young Technicians and Inventors” will be able to defend their work in the State Duma.

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