June 5, 2023
Taiwanese army


©玄史生/Wikimedia Commons

The Taiwanese military found the wreckage of a meteorological probe on a road near a military base in the Matsu archipelago in the north of the Taiwan Strait during a patrol. How reported Central News Agency of the island, the fallen device could belong to China.

The report says that the name of a company from Shanghai was found on the wreckage. In addition, the model of the apparatus was indicated: the GTS12 electronic radiosonde. The Taiwanese military plans to study the wreckage of the weather balloon, and also intend to strengthen surveillance of the flights of such devices near the objects of the armed forces of the island.

According to the agency, the exact location of the incident was not reported, but the fall could have occurred on the islands of Dongju or Xijiu, which are located less than 10 km from the coast of Fujian province.

Previously, several Taiwanese officials in an interview with an international business newspaper toldthat Chinese balloons regularly appear in Taiwanese airspace. The military department of the island believes that the balloons carry reconnaissance equipment.

There was a lot of talk about Chinese balloons in the air after the US authorities spotted a Chinese balloon at a high altitude over the continental part of the country in early February. Later, the military shot him down. The Pentagon claimed that Beijing used this balloon for reconnaissance purposes. Against the backdrop of this incident, the US Secretary of State postponed a visit to China. The Chinese side protested the actions of Washington, calling them excessive. As pointed out in Beijing, the Chinese meteorological probe ended up in American airspace by accident. Since this incident, the United States has shot down at least four such air targets.

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