When you log in to Messenger, does it look like the image below?

Messenger message does not come?

” Please check your internet connection and try again “ is showing even though the network is fine ?

So no need to worry, in this post I am going to share with you some tips that will 100% solve this problem because I myself faced this problem and managed to solve my problem by applying these tips and tricks 😊

Messenger messages are not coming
Image: Message not coming in messenger

First solution: Messenger not receiving messages and what to do


Now I am going to share with you my first solution.

This is a very basic solution that we use to troubleshoot any app. But it’s good to say that this solution didn’t solve my problem but I’m still sharing it with you because it might work in your case and if not then check out my 2nd solution

Try uninstalling and reinstalling your Messenger app to see if that solves your problem 

Messenger app
Image: Messenger app



Second solution: Messenger not receiving messages solution and what to do


This solution worked for me and if the problem persists after you uninstall and reinstall the app then this solution will 100% work for you too. 

But before that, it is better to know why this problem is happening in Messenger?


Actually, this is a bug of Facebook messenger, but this problem is happening to those who are added to many messenger groups. So maybe you understand the solution by now?

Yes, you are right, you have to leave all those unnecessary messenger groups. Only then will you see that this problem will be solved. 

But what if the groups are necessary for many? 


  • There is no reason to get tensed, if the groups are necessary, you just delete the messages of the group, then your problem will be solved. However, this problem may occur again in the future. You can download the old version of Messenger to avoid this problem in the future. I have shown  how to do it in the third solution .

For now I am showing you the 2nd solution. 


Now you can not enter the messenger itself, how to leave the messenger group?


  • First download Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite from playstore. But my suggestion is to download Facebook Lite.