May 29, 2023

Traditionally, the barbecue season starts on May weekends. If there is no time to marinate the meat, you can buy a semi-finished product and fry it. However, far from always such a kebab turns out to be as tasty as one cooked with one’s own hands from and to. Much depends on the right choice.

Which barbecue is better to take and what to pay attention to when buying, said Anastasia Osipova, chief specialist of the quality control department of the St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution “Center for Quality Control of Goods (Products), Works and Services”. With advice she shared on the air of the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”.

Packaging of semi-finished products for shish kebab

The specialist advises buying shish kebab in the market or in chain grocery stores. First of all, you need to pay attention to the packaging of the semi-finished product. It is better to give preference to barbecue in industrial packaging. If the product is packaged in a container, it is important that the lid fits snugly on the container.

Label and composition

The label must indicate the manufacturer of the product and the composition. Carefully study what the semi-finished product consists of. A good ready-made kebab is a meat, not a meat-containing product.

Osipova notes that the kebab should not contain moisture-retaining agents, such as E-450. If a similar component is present in the composition, then it is better to refrain from buying.

barbecue marinade

When choosing a semi-finished product, it is useful to pay attention to the ratio of meat and marinade. If we talk directly about the marinade, then Osipova recommends giving preference to vinegar-lemon. This kebab has a longer shelf life.

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