June 5, 2023

The summer season begins in the suburban palaces and parks of St. Petersburg. The Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) told about novelties and interesting events that await residents and guests of the Northern capital.


The summer season in Peterhof started on April 22. The State Museum-Reserve “Peterhof” has planned a large event program.

It will open with the annual Spring Festival of Fountains, which will take place on May 20. There will also be other concerts and festivals throughout the summer, details of which will be released ahead of the events.

In addition, author’s excursions to parks and museums will be organized. An interactive game has been prepared for children aged 5–8, and another novelty awaits adults: birdwatching. Visitors will have the opportunity to observe birds and identify their types in the Lower Park thanks to a special brochure.

Oranienbaum Park is also waiting for guests. After a large-scale restoration, it will appear before visitors in all its splendor. You will be able to see the recreated historical layout that took shape by the middle of the 19th century – it was then that the appearance of the landscape park was formed.

Tsarskoye Selo

In the Museum-Reserve “Tsarskoye Selo” the high season began on April 15. In the Amber Room of the Catherine Palace, for the first time in almost 20 years, visitors will be able to see two mosaics “Touch and Smell” at the same time. One is a genuine Florentine, which participates in temporary exhibitions and is usually kept in the fund, the second is recreated by restorers.

“Touch and Smell” was lost during the Great Patriotic War, but after a while it was returned to the museum-reserve. It will be possible to get acquainted with the original and compare the mosaics until the end of May.

In addition, complex tickets are being introduced in Tsarskoye Selo, which include visiting two objects. It’s cheaper than visiting each individually. There are two options: the Alexander Palace and the Military Chamber, or the Military Chamber and the Arsenal Pavilion.

In summer, the entrance to the Catherine Park is paid, but there are benefits and free admission for some categories of visitors. For the first time, a special benefit for pensioners appeared: free entrance to the park on Tuesdays.


The summer season in the Pavlovsk Museum-Reserve starts on May 1. Guests will be able to visit the park pavilions Temple of Friendship, Peel Tower, Cold Bath, and from May 6, it will be possible to admire the spring colors in Empress Maria Feodorovna’s Own Garden.

On the first weekend of June, the traditional festival-walk “Lilac Promenade” will take place in Pavlovsky Park. White, pink, purple and pale blue lilacs can be seen in Pavlovsk in early June. “Lilac Promenade” this year will be dedicated to family leisure.

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