May 28, 2023

In 2023, retro items and natural materials will remain in fashion. But in place of the ascetic minimalism beloved by many, theatricality and even chaos will burst into houses.

Art in the house

One of the defining trends in the interior of the house, which does not lose demand, is the desire to create a semblance of a gallery, the designers assure.

“Increasingly, space is being prepared in advance for the appearance of art elements: sculpture, painting, photography, ceramics, graphics of various formats, antiques, from chairs and armchairs to coat hooks, coffee and coffee tables, custom-made carpets,” the founder shared his observations. INRE Design Studio Evgeny Nedoborov, whose words leads RBC.

“Art in the interior can be called both wall painting and table setting. Today it is important for people to express their thoughts and emotions through creativity,” the designer continued.

In addition to murals, various prints and ornaments that can decorate wallpaper, tiles or textiles in an apartment will look good, said Stepan Bugaev, founder of the Tochka Design studio. The expert also drew attention to the fact that modern interiors are already decorated with retro furniture, and in the future this trend will only get stronger.

“It is worth paying attention to furniture with unusual curves,” advises the designer.

Nonconformism with a theatrical character

Minimalism is being replaced by non-conformism with a theatrical character, giving homeowners the freedom to create interiors, and giving them the opportunity to express their inner philosophy in the outside.

“The interior conveys an atmosphere of incompleteness, incompleteness and a kind of creative chaos. As if it was unfinished, underpainted, underfilled. Against this background, restored elegant furniture, vintage light feel great. Together, this determines its unique chic,” the founder of the Grande Familia studio shared her thoughts (iRoomproject) Inna Kaminskaya.

Such interiors are unique and individual, and every detail in them has its own interesting story, the designer said.

“Here, incongruous things create an overall balanced scene in which there is no sense of disharmony,” added Kaminskaya.

Tactility and natural texture

Previously, interiors were often created “dry” and soulless – they looked good in photographs, but it was not very comfortable to live in them. Now there is a vector when strict minimalism turns towards spirituality and life, the designers say.

“Increasingly, people think about tactility, expressive and natural texture. The design is created on the principle of” untouched by the hand of man. “Natural materials are used in the decoration, for example, wild stone – chipped, unhewn, unpolished”, – said the founder of INRE Design.

Organics are becoming increasingly popular in design: designers are increasingly using wool, cotton, and velvet. Clay and ceramics are also used. Fine manufactory handwork acquires special value.

In turn, the perception of the interior is strongly influenced by lighting, so it is important not to make mistakes when planning and placing light sources. About the most common shortcomings in the lighting of apartments can be read in the material of the publication “Profile”.

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