May 29, 2023
Sport style
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Many people think that sportswear can only be worn for training and that they are not suitable for visiting public places. It’s a delusion. The right outfit will be relevant in many situations. We tell you what to wear so that you feel comfortable and comfortable both during training and on a walk, and, for example, if you want to look into a cafe.

What kind of sportswear is better to refuse

Don’t go for loose-fitting sportswear like pants, sweatshirts, or alcoholic tank tops. Give preference to tight and figure-hugging things – leggings, cycling shorts, tops and overalls. So you will look attractive in sportswear and emphasize the dignity of the figure, writes Grazia magazine.

What to add to your wardrobe and how to wear sportswear every day

Leggings are easy to fit into your everyday look. They can be worn with tops, and in cool weather – with a sweater, hoodie, jacket and contrasting boots. Cycling shorts are an alternative to leggings for hotter days. They are good to wear with T-shirts, shirts, leather jackets, as well as with long skirts or dresses. In the latter case, cycling shorts should be in basic shades, and the dress or skirt should be made of transparent material.

Tops are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. They can be on thin or wide straps or without them at all. For example, a bandeau can be worn with transparent blouses or jackets. You can also wear a cropped sports T-shirt that will emphasize the waist. It is easy to integrate into images for meetings with friends.

You can also look at the overalls in a sporty style. Now the trend is cropped options with shorts. Throw on a shirt from above, which, if necessary, can be tied around the hips, or a bomber jacket. For a trendy look, add high socks and stylish sneakers.

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