May 29, 2023

FT announced mass trade in US secret documents in Telegram chats

The editors of the Financial Times (FT) newspaper conducted an investigation and found dozens of chats on Telegram that sell defense and financial secrets of the United States. The publication believes that many of the channels are directly related to Russian hackers. We are talking about tens of thousands of secret documents, some of which, like assure in the FT, pose a direct threat to US defenses.

The overall incidence of Russians increased by almost 4%

In 2022, Russian citizens began to get sick more often. The overall incidence increased by 3.8% year on year. Primary by almost 5% over the same period. In the first place in terms of incidence are diseases of the respiratory organs. This is followed by problems with the circulatory system, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, informs RIA News.

Teachers of Russian colleges can be given preferential mortgages

Until October 2023, the government of the Russian Federation should study the issue of providing soft loans for mortgages for teachers of secondary vocational education institutions. We are talking about teachers selected within the framework of the federal project “Professionality”. The corresponding order was given to the Cabinet by the President of the Russian Federation, writes newspaper “Izvestiya”.

Serbian education minister resigns after school shooting

Serbian Minister of Education Branko Ruzic resigned after the shooting incident at a school in the center of Belgrade. This shooting killed eight students and a security guard. Ruzic’s resignation was demanded by the opposition, who also plan to hold an anti-government rally criticizing the authorities.

The EU may for the first time impose sanctions against Chinese enterprises for deliveries to Russia

Brussels is considering imposing sanctions against at least seven Chinese companies. These firms, as the EU suggests, supply Russia with components that can be used in the creation of various weapons. All companies work in the field of development of semiconductors, microchips and electronics. New restrictions will have to agree with all 27 EU countries.

Representative of the President of Turkey saw a chance to extend the grain deal

The official representative of the President of Turkey, Ibrahim Kalym, said that the chances of extension of the grain deal is still there. According to him, necessary efforts are being made in this direction. Earlier, the Turkish leader himself made similar assumptions. The Black Sea Initiative expires on May 18.

How will Biden’s intention to fight for a second term turn out for the United States

On the morning of April 25, US President Joe Biden announced that he was running for a second term. He is already 80 years old, his rating remains quite low. In his first two years as president, Biden had to deal with a range of crises, including the coronavirus pandemic. Director of the Institute for International Studies at MGIMO Maxim Suchkov, especially for Profile, analyzed in detail what Joe Biden’s intention would mean for the United States fight for a second term.

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