May 28, 2023

Russian Armed Forces struck strong points and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Calculations of batteries of self-propelled artillery mounts (SAU) 2S3M “Acacia” struck on strong points, accumulation of manpower and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The crews included servicemen called up as part of partial mobilization and volunteers, the Ministry of Defense specified. The Russian armed forces also destroyed a Ukrainian reconnaissance group near Maryinka in the DPR. This was announced by the head of the press center of the group of troops “Vostok” Alexander Gordeev.

Swedish singer Loreen wins Eurovision 2023

Swedish singer Loreen (Laureen Talhaoui) won the musical Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool. According to the results of voting by the audience and the jury, she scored 583 points. Loreen performed the song Tattoo. The second place went to an artist from Finland Kaarija (Kayaria, real name – Järe Peuhenen. – “Profile”). He got 526 points. The third place was taken by the performer from Israel Noa Kirel, she has 362 points.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that NATO’s actions could lead to an escalation in the Arctic

Actions of the North Atlantic Alliance may lead to escalate in the Arctic. This opinion was expressed by Nikolay Korchunov, Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Foreign Ministry. According to him, there are no signs of improvement in the military security situation in the Arctic region. He added that the Alliance’s military build-up continues in high latitudes.

In Togliatti there was a major fire in the paint shop of the enterprise

In Togliatti in the Samara region there was a big fire in the company’s paint shop. The fire was assigned an increased third call rank. The fire was localized on an area of ​​20 thousand square meters. m. According to preliminary data, a possible cause of a major fire in the paint shop at a plant in Togliatti could be a violation of the process.

Demand for air conditioners in Russia increased by 1.5 times

The demand of Russians for the services of air conditioner installers at the beginning of the spring-summer season increased by almost 1.5 times compared to last year, while the number of requests for their repair and maintenance almost doubled. About it write Izvestia with reference to representatives of service marketplaces. People are preparing in advance for the hot summer promised by weather forecasters and saving on the services of official service centers, market participants explain the hype.

11 especially dangerous oil storage facilities and bitumen pits have been identified in the Russian Federation

In Birobidzhan, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations saved a dog from death in an oil pit. The case would have been ordinary, but earlier in the same city it was necessary to pull a person out of a bituminous swamp. Oil sludge and other waste from abandoned industries not only threaten people and animals, but also cause real harm to the soil in many regions of the country. Where do bituminous bogs come from and why do they remain in their places for years without being disposed of – sorted out “News”.

How the Russian brig “Mercury” defeated Turkish ships and survived its life

The Russian-Turkish war of 1828–1829 was developing successfully for the Russian army and navy. The Ottoman Empire suffered a series of defeats on land, the Turkish fleet was almost completely destroyed in the Battle of Navarino. The surviving ships took refuge under the protection of coastal batteries in the Bosphorus. The blockade of the strait was loose, and they posed a threat to Russian ships on the Black Sea. About the famous brig “Mercury”, which played an important role in Russian history, says “Profile”.

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