May 27, 2023

Maternal capital proposed to be allowed to spend on sports clubs

The head of the Federation Council committee on economic policy, Andrei Kutepov, has developed a bill that allows spending maternity capital to pay for sports sections for a child. In addition, the same document allows the use of mother’s capital funds for the health insurance of a child under the age of one year. With a copy of the bill got acquainted state agency TASS.

EU dual-use goods worth $1 billion missing while transiting Russia

Goods from the European Union worth a total of a billion dollars disappeared during transit through the Russian Federation to their destinations. They were sent to Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, claims Financial Times after studying data from open sources. The newspaper described the situation as a “ghost trade”. The Vice Chancellor of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who oversees the sanctions policy, said that the goods were only sent under the pretext of transit – in fact, they were allegedly originally intended for Russia.

Drivers violating traffic rules without OSAGO may begin to receive double fines

Drivers who have not issued OSAGO policies in case of violation of traffic rules on cameras should receive not one, but two fines at once. The first is proposed to be issued for non-compliance with traffic rules, the second – for driving without an insurance policy. The relevant amendments are already being discussed with the relevant ministries by the Bank of Russia, informs RIA News.

The ex-head of Motor Sich asked to be exchanged for Russia

Former president of the Ukrainian corporation “Motor Sich” Vyacheslav Boguslaev asked to turn it on on the list for exchange with Russia. He sent a corresponding letter to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine. In this country, Boguslaev was arrested on charges of treason and collaborationism due to alleged deliveries of parts for attack helicopters to the Russian Federation. The Russian side officially denied such deliveries.

Biden predicted problems for the whole world in the event of a US default

American leader Joe Biden said that the leaders of many states are allegedly surprised by the growing risk of default in the United States. Because, according to Biden, after that under attack the whole world will be. The President of the United States considers default risk an “artificial crisis” caused by the Republicans. However, the US Treasury previously assumed that the White House could face default by June 1, 2023.

China cancels defense ministers meeting due to US sanctions

In 2018, the United States imposed sanctions on Chinese functionary Li Shangfu for purchasing S-400s and Su-35s from Russia. In March 2023, he became the Minister of Defense of China. Now Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin wants to meet with him, but Beijing demands first remove restrictions. However, at the moment, Washington has almost no chance of lifting the sanctions imposed five years ago.

No one wanted to take risks: why investors have cooled off to start-ups in the field of AI

In 2022, the amount of funds raised in artificial intelligence startups decreased by almost a third in the world. In Russia – by four-fifths. “Profile” figured out in detail why investors cooled off to AI startups.

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