May 29, 2023

France is investigating the Russian “daughter” of Auchan

The French financial prosecutor’s office is investigating the Russian “daughter” of the food retailer “Auchan” because of suspicions of corruption. The investigation is confidential, it began in 2020. The reason for the investigative actions was the statement of the former top manager of this enterprise – he said in an interview that corruption schemes damage the retailer by € 100 million, writes AFP.

Indian energy companies cannot withdraw more than $400 million in dividends from Russia

Several large energy companies in India are unable to receive dividends in the amount of about $400 million from their assets located in Russia. According to the Bloomberg news agency (the publication refers to an anonymous senior official from the Indian Economic Ministry), Indian state-owned companies such as ONGC Videsh Ltd, have own shares in oil and gas fields in Russia. The problem with receiving dividends is related to the sanctions measures of Western countries, which have imposed restrictions on many Russian financial structures.

UK to buy long-range missiles for Ukraine

The British authorities want to buy missiles with a range of up to 300 km for Kyiv. The corresponding message was published on the UK government portal back in March. However, the media, in particular the Polish Defense24, drew attention to it just now. The purchase will be carried out within the framework of the International Fund for Assistance to Ukraine, applications for participants are open until May 4. Until May 9, the authorities of the United Kingdom also intend to acquire tank tractors and other equipment that will help ensure the mobility of Ukrainian troops.

Two civilians were killed during the shelling of the Bryansk region

During the shelling of the village of Suzemka, Bryansk region two civilians were killed. The shell hit a residential building, it was completely destroyed. Two more houses were partially destroyed. Later, the governor of the region announced the second shelling of the night. Part of the missiles were shot down by Russian air defense, and a residential building was partially destroyed during a second strike.

Olympic medalist Varganova arrested in India for selling drugs

Silver medalist of the Moscow Olympics, 58-year-old swimmer Svetlana Varganova was arrested in Goa on charges of selling drugs. In total, local law enforcement officers detained three people, including two Russians. The operation to capture the group went on for two weeks. According to the Indian media, Varganova has been living in India for the past few years and all this time allegedly sold drugs to foreigners.

430,000 people in Israel protest against judicial reform

In Israel, mass protests against judicial reform have resumed. Only in Tel Aviv, about 209 thousand people took to the streets. The organizers said that 430,000 people across the country took part in the protests – despite the fact that the entire population of Israel is about 9.5 million people. The protests, according to the opposition, will be resumed on Thursday, May 4th.

The fate of the troublemaker: 140 years since the birth of Yaroslav Hasek

April 30 marks the 140th anniversary of the birth of Yaroslav Hasek, the author of the world-famous novel The Good Soldier Schweik. The life of Hasek himself was like a book in itself – the satirist and playwright wrote more than 1,500 different works, and even managed to visit the commissar of the Red Army during breaks. By the significant date, “Profile” recalls with pleasure a short, but extremely stormy life path Czech writer.

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