June 2, 2023

Photo: Anna Plastova/nao24.ru

According to NAO24, the head of the Velikovisochny Village Council, Nikolai Barakov, bridge footpaths are planned to be laid from the old post office to the fish shop, and the sign “Velikaya Viska” will be installed in front of the local House of Culture.

Signboard layout

“We plan to complete all the work approximately in July-August, but this will depend both on the ice drift and on the results of the tenders that will be announced for the arrangement of footpaths,” said Nikolai Barakov, head of the Velikovisochny Village Council.

Also in Toshvisk, Shchelino, Pylemets, Labozhsky, it is planned to equip outdoor areas with gazebos for public events and holidays.

An example of future gazebos

— These pavilions will protect from bad weather, rain during the holidays. In the future, we want to use gazebos as a Wi-Fi zone for local residents. Let’s see if it works out, – added the head of the rural settlement.

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