June 2, 2023
AH-64 Apache attack helicopter

AH-64 Apache helicopter (file photo)

┬ęStaff Sgt. Tim Morgan/US Army

Washington intends to provide Apache attack helicopters to Warsaw. They will be placed in the east of Poland. This was stated by the Polish Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak. He met with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in Washington.

“We received assurances that the US Army will provide us with Apache helicopters. It will provide us from its own stocks even before signing a contract on the issue of their purchase for the needs of the Polish Army,” Blashchak said. His words on Friday, May 5, quotes RIA News.

The minister said that Polish pilots will begin helicopter training in a few weeks. After graduating, the Apache will be assigned to NATO’s eastern flank, in the 18th Mechanized Division. This, according to Blaschak, will ensure the closure of the Brest Gates.

Earlier it was reported that Warsaw until June 2023 will receive 14 American Abrams tanks. It also became known that the US want to place several thousand soldiers in Poland.

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