May 29, 2023
Oil tank truck on the road in Syria

An oil tanker truck on a road in Syria (file photo)

© Delil SOULEIMAN / AFP / East News

US troops removed 33 oil tanks from areas in northeastern Syria controlled by Kurdish forces. The column of oil carriers was accompanied by enhanced security. The tanks proceeded to Iraq through the Al-Mahmoudiya checkpoint, located in the border region of Yarubiya, SANA reports.

It is reported that the exported oil was produced at fields in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor and Hasek. They are guarded by US Marines and Kurdish fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces. About this on Monday, May 8, informs TASS.

Since the beginning of April, several large shipments of Syrian oil have been exported to Iraq and Turkey. The Syrian Foreign Ministry estimated the country’s losses in the oil and gas sector at $107.1 billion.

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