May 29, 2023

Russia will respond to the drone attack on the Kremlin, which was organized by Ukraine, when it sees fit. This was stated by Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov on Wednesday, May 3, transmits TASS.

“How would the Americans react if some drone hit the White House, the Capitol or the Pentagon? The answer for any politician, and even the layman, is obvious: the punishment will be harsh and inevitable,” he stressed.

According to him, the Russian Federation will respond “to the daring and arrogant terrorist attack” in accordance with the assessment of the threat that Kyiv created for the country’s leadership.

The diplomat also noted that comments on the incident by officials in Washington “strike with cynicism and absurdity.” Antonov stressed that the theses about the terrorist attack, which was called an operation “allegedly under a false flag,” sounded blasphemous and deceitful.

Moscow hoped that the White House would have the dignity to condemn this terrorist attack. However, today the United States is shielding Kyiv, and the words about supposedly deterring Ukraine from strikes against targets outside the borders are a false farce, Antonov added.

On Wednesday, the Kremlin reported that at night Ukraine made an attempt with the help of two drones to attack the residence of the President of Russia. It was noted that the drones were eliminated in time, no one, including the head of state, was injured. At the same time, in Kyiv denied involvement Ukrainian side to what happened. The press secretary of the head of Ukraine said that the country is currently engaged in “liberating its territories,” and Kyiv directs all available forces and means precisely for these purposes.

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