May 29, 2023



In accordance with the training plan for the Belarusian Armed Forces, from May 11 to June 2, training camps with those liable for military service will be held in the south of the republic and in Minsk, which are intended for recruiting territorial defense control bodies, as well as military units of territorial troops.

In a message from the department to be specifiedthat training camps will be held in Gomel, as well as in the Mozyr district and the Leninsky district of Minsk. Officials of the executive committees and the administration will work out a set of measures related to the formation of territorial troops, as well as their preparation for performing territorial defense tasks.

During the final stage of the training, the conscripts will participate in command and staff exercises led by the deputy chairmen of the Minsk city and Gomel regional executive committees.

During the exercises, units of the territorial troops will protect vital facilities, as well as ensure public order on city streets, together with the personnel of the internal affairs bodies.

At the end of April it was reported that in the army of Belarus Checking combat and mobilization readiness. “Partisans” liable for military service were involved in the exercises.

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