May 29, 2023

The awards ceremony was held at the Arktika Palace of Culture

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

Today, the governor of the NAO, Yuri Bezdudny, presented well-deserved awards to student Andrey Khatanzeysky and schoolchildren Ilya and Alexander Khatanzeysky.

Like us wrote previously, in January these guys helped in the evacuation and first aid to the victims of the hard landing of the AN-2.

– On January 9 of this year, we were all shocked by the tragedy – the plane crash of the AN-2 aircraft. The tragedy would have been much worse if it were not for the heroic actions of the guys who were on that plane. Andrey Khatanzeysky put out the engine, helped to pull passengers out of the plane, and stopped the blood of the pilots. He performed these actions without realizing at the time that his leg was broken. Alexander Khatanzeysky is in the 8th grade, but his actions cannot be called boyish. He put out the engines, helped pull people out of the plane. It was Sasha who got through to the operator 112, clearly and clearly told what happened, who was injured, where they were – this allowed them to quickly move to the scene. The youngest hero, Ilya Khatanzeysky, deserves special words. He is young, but his actions were truly masculine. Ilya, overcoming fear, helped Sasha and Andrey in everything. Each of you has a warm heart, and may it always be so,” the head of the region said.

Photo: Igor Ibraev

For courage, resilience and heroism shown in helping the victims, Alexander Khatanzeysky was awarded a badge and a diploma “Hot Heart”. Thanks to the courage, dedication and heroism shown, the teenager managed, together with three other passengers on the flight, to save the lives of six people who received more severe injuries.

“After the disaster, we were asked a lot about how it was there. Then gradually they stopped asking. The guys were often interested in what it was like for us, and I answered that the most important thing was not to panic, says Sasha.

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The award was also presented to Alexander’s younger brother, Ilya Khatanzeysky. Despite his injuries and his young age, the boy showed himself heroically. He helped his older brother save the lives of passengers.

Andrey Khatanzeysky was also awarded a high award. The young man, despite a broken leg, courageously and promptly, together with other passengers of the flight, carried out a rescue operation. Thanks to his dedication, competent execution of incoming instructions from professional rescuers on his mobile phone, Andrei managed to save the lives of the victims together with other passengers on the flight. The student, not succumbing to emotions and keeping a cold mind, made bold and balanced decisions, acted quickly and efficiently in an emergency.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

In addition, the mother of Ilya and Sasha, Alyona Khatanzeyskaya, and Andrey’s sister, Gayuna Khatanzeyskaya, attended the solemn award ceremony.

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