June 2, 2023

The solemn ceremony took place today at the city school number 4

Photo: Alexandra Berg/nao24.ru

Anton Pustovalov, Head of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, congratulated the students and their teachers-mentors.

– The Olympic movement is developing both throughout the country and in our district. And that is great. You are a great pride not only for your parents, but also for us. The conditions that we create for you give you the opportunity to develop. On the part of the department, teachers and school leaders, we are ready to fully help you with this,” Anton Pustovalov congratulated.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/nao24.ru

Olympiads are held in order to identify and develop students’ interest in scientific and research activities, creative abilities, promotion of scientific knowledge and popularization of local history education.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/nao24.ru

The winner of the regional stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren in literature, Daria Ershova, told how she went to victory.

– I solved tasks for the Olympiads of past years, analyzed poems, studied works. For me, one of the most difficult things in the Olympiad is writing essays, shared tenth grader Daria.

Andrey Sokolov is the winner of the school Olympiad in physical culture. A schoolboy recently visited the All-Russian stage in Nizhny Novgorod, where he was 17 points short of a prize.

– The Olympics in Nizhny Novgorod consisted of five stages. It was much more difficult than the regional level. For example, there was applied physical education, where you had to shoot from an electronic gun and go through an obstacle course. There was a theory that was also difficult, – Andrey shared.

The winners of the regional stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren were 26 schoolchildren in English, biology, literature, the basics of life safety, technology, physical education, ecology and law.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/nao24.ru

The winners of the district Olympiad for graduates of elementary school in mathematics and the Russian language were noted.

Letters of thanks were also presented to teachers, mentors, teaching staff and school directors. The event took place as part of the Year of the Teacher and Mentor, announced in 2023 by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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