May 27, 2023
Attack UAVs

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The industry of production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is a promising area of ​​activity in Russia. The volume of investments in it in the future may amount to one trillion rubles, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The most important area of ​​the country’s activity, very promising, now my colleagues and I looked, and I saw the drawn figure, in the near future the volume is 500 billion rubles, but they immediately agreed with me that this is a very conservative estimate, most likely it will be a trillion rubles” , – quotes Putin TASS.

The President made such a statement during his visit to the Rudnevo industrial park. He called the park, where the production of unmanned aerial vehicles is unfolding, the new industrial face of Moscow.

According to the head of state, this industry is the future, because it concentrates the latest developments in a number of areas. The President noted that there is practically no such sphere of activity and sphere of economy where it would be impossible to use UAVs.

According to the Russian leader, the development of this industry is capable of radically “raising the competitiveness of any economy.” That is why it is necessary to concentrate efforts on its development, he emphasized.

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