May 29, 2023
City of Honolulu

City of Honolulu (illustration)


The US military monitors a balloon of unknown origin that flew over the Hawaiian Islands. This is reported by the NBC channel, citing officials.

The balloon was spotted over Hawaii. It is noted that he kept his distance from American secret facilities. Currently, according to the channel, it is slowly moving over the Pacific Ocean and follows towards Mexico.

“The military has been tracking it since the end of last week and concluded that it does not pose a threat to aircraft or national security and does not transmit any signals,” notes NBC.

According to the channel, the American authorities do not think that the ball belongs to China. The US military failed to establish who exactly owns the object and what its purpose is.

In February, a Chinese balloon flew over the US landmass. He was shot down, the American authorities explained this decision by the fact that the ball was used for espionage. China thought it was an overreaction. Beijing explained that the balloon was used for meteorological research and was lost.

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