May 29, 2023
UN Headquarters

United Nations Headquarters in New York (file photo)


The UN is concerned about the use of depleted uranium by any country – this also applies to the UK, Farhan Haq, deputy spokesman for the UN Secretary General, said April 27. Thus, he answered a question from journalists about the reaction of an international organization to information about the supply of shells with depleted uranium from London to Kyiv.

“You know that we are concerned about the use of depleted uranium anywhere in the world, this applies to this situation,” – leads RIA Novosti words Haka.

The media representative also asked if the British authorities should be responsible for cleaning up or at least supervising the destruction of depleted uranium in Ukraine. Hack refrained from commenting, addressing this issue to official London.

Earlier, the UK Ministry of Defense reported that London sent Kyiv thousands of shells for Challenger 2 tanks, including armor-piercing depleted uranium. At the same time, the defense department not going to trackwhere the APU will use these shells.

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