June 5, 2023
Checkpoint of the Tula plant Oktava

Checkpoint of the Tula plant Oktava

©Aleksey Zadonsky / Wikimedia Commons

Plant “Oktava”, located in Tula, launched the production of miniature microphones MKE-396. They can store a charge without a network.

The plant believes that these microphones will be able to replace the products of foreign manufacturers. About this on Tuesday, May 2, writes TASS.

The diameter of the device is 6 mm. It can be used in the “labels” of TV presenters or headsets of call center operators. The plant is confident that microphones will be indispensable in the equipment of employees of the RF Armed Forces and special services.

Previously, the Oktava plant produced the MKE-394 models. However, MKE-396 has become an improved version of the device. So, the new microphone is more compact. In addition, it has improved speech intelligibility and clarity.

The Tula plant intends to produce about 10,000 microphones a year.

The Oktava plant dates back to 1927. The company develops and produces studio microphones, telephone and microphone headsets, hearing aids. Since June 15, 2017, the plant has been under the direct control of the state corporation Rostec.

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