May 29, 2023
The dog is afraid of thunder
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Many dogs are afraid of the sound of thunder. Pets perceive them as something threatening. A man, unlike a dog, understands that a thunderstorm will end at some point. For an animal, this can be quite painful. It seems to him that the frightening sound will never stop.

Representatives of the American Kennel Club (American Kennel Club) spoke with professional trainers and figured out how to calm your pet during a thunderstorm.

Let’s hide

Some dogs, when they hear the sound of thunder, try to crawl under a table, sofa, or any other hiding place they think is safe. Experts say that you should not keep a pet. It’s important to let him hide. It is also important not to punish your dog for its behavior during a thunderstorm. It’ll only make things worse transmits WKRG News 5.

Providing background noise

You can mask the peals of thunder with the help of background noise. It will muffle the sound that frightens the dog a little. You can turn on music or the radio at a sufficient volume. Another option is to add TV sound. In this case, your pet will not feel an acute sense of panic.


Distracting a dog from thunder with toys and treats is not only possible, but also necessary, trainers emphasize. For many animals, chewing is a way to cope with fear and reduce stress levels.

Dogs express fear quite understandably. Most often they are very tense, trembling. Sometimes the pet’s salivation increases. A frightened dog may bark loudly. Fear can cause her destructive behavior or aggression. If the dog is afraid of the sound of thunder, then need to show to her that there is nothing terrible in this natural phenomenon.

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