May 27, 2023

Kyiv is furious at Russia’s presidency of the UN Security Council.

The last time the Russian Federation held this post was in February 2022.

Now Ukraine considered this a “symbolic blow” to its interests.

According to the British The Sun, the transition of the chairmanship of the UN Security Council to the Russian Federation on April 1 was a serious blow to the Ukrainian authorities.

The journalists of the publication recalled the recent messages of the press secretary of Russian President Putin Dmitry Peskov.

He promised that Russia would fully realize all its possibilities during the period of its chairmanship in the UN Security Council.

The authors of the article expressed confidence that these statements infuriated the Ukrainian authorities.

Ukrainian officials were furious today because of the transition of the chairmanship of the UN Security Council”, –

noted observers of The Sun.

On Friday, Russia said it plans to “exercise all its rights” in this role.

The United States of America, also a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has urged Russia to “behave professionally” when it assumes the role, saying there is no means of removing Moscow from that position.

The Presidency of the Security Council is carried out in alphabetical order among its 15 member states.

This body is controlled by its five permanent members, including the US and Russia.

The President of the Security Council is supposed to remain neutral. But in its new role, Russia could maneuver its Ukraine meetings and use this month to portray the US and other Western countries as making false anti-Russian accusations, CNN said.

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