June 5, 2023
Young woman

A poorly chosen hairstyle can instantly make you look a few years older. To avoid such trouble, hairdressers are advised to seek help from professionals who will help you choose the right haircut. For example, London-based stylist Tyler Moore believes that there is one universal hairstyle that is great for women over 50.

We are talking about a classic bob-car, which in one fell swoop can rejuvenate you immediately by 10 years, writes The Voice. Moore emphasized that such a haircut never goes out of style, and due to its versatility, it suits any type of hair and appearance.

So, for owners of thin hair, he recommended making a bob with a straight cut in order to visually add volume to the hairstyle. If the density of the hair has been preserved even by the age of 50, then you should bet on a multi-layer caret, which will revive the curls and give them airiness.

The stylist noted that the main advantage of such a bean is the ability to emphasize or, conversely, hide certain areas on the face. One of the simplest anti-aging tricks for this haircut is adding bangs, Moore emphasized.

Many women have a desire to change the usual style and try something new. For those who are ready to change their appearance with a hairstyle, stylists advise starting with simple haircuts that are easy to style, including depending on your mood. Stylist Darius Peace recommends paying attention on three hairstyles that, in his opinion, every woman after 40 should try at least once in her life.

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