June 5, 2023

Today there are risks of overhaul in five schools

Photo: United Russia press service

Of the 1,530 schools scheduled for overhaul, contracts have been signed for 1,525 facilities, Secretary of the United Russia General Council Andrey Turchak said at the federal headquarters with the Ministry of Education and the regions.

Of the five schools that are in the “yellow” zone, two are in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. By order of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the protocols for summing up the results of the tender for work were canceled there.

— For one object in the Astrakhan region, the contract was suspended and put up for re-bidding, in the Republic of Altai and the Tomsk region, contracts were terminated, it is planned to conclude new ones, — Andrey Turchak explained.

He also said that the overhaul has already been completed in 1311 schools today. Another 461 buildings were repaired at the expense of regional budgets. Since last year, one problematic object remains – the Serov boarding school in the Sverdlovsk region.

– Construction readiness 90%, although the commissioning was supposed to take place last year. School No. 42 in the city of Leninsk-Kuznetsky in the Kemerovo region also fell into the risk zone. The work has been officially rescheduled from last year. However, no regional funding has been allocated for this year. That is, the subject was forced to return the funds of the federal budget. I am sure that Sergei Evgenievich (Tsivilev, Governor – ed. note) will personally join in resolving this issue, – Andrey Turchak emphasized.

In the risk zone for the construction of schools are the Jewish Autonomous Region, Irkutsk, Kaliningrad, Kemerovo, Orenburg Regions, the Republics of Komi and Mari El. In general, 415 new schools for 280,000 places should be commissioned across the country this year.

– The five-year program for the construction of 1,300 new schools is a Presidential initiative and an important part of the party’s people’s program. These schools are waiting for people. It is necessary to return the work to the planned framework and hand over the objects on time. Make it so that on September 1, the children go to school, – Andriy Turchak stressed.

In turn, Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov noted that the regions that were at risk at the last meeting have evened out the situation. These are Dagestan, Khabarovsk Territory, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Kurgan, Kirov regions, the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic.

Nevertheless, the minister noted, in some regions of the Russian Federation there are risks of failure to complete the construction of both schools and kindergartens. They are possible in the Irkutsk, Kaliningrad and Orenburg regions, the Komi Republic and the Jewish autonomy.

In the “red” zone in Komi, school number 3 in Syktyvkar and a school in the Yemval microdistrict in Syktyvkar. According to one of them, construction readiness is 0%, according to the second – 15%. The construction of school No. 3 requires additional funding – 411 million rubles, which the republic cannot allocate.

Andrei Turchak called the situation with the construction of schools in Komi “administrative paralysis.”

– The money can be returned, the object can be removed, and the children, where will they go to study? You are not doing this for a report, not for show. Not in order to leave the table from the “red zone” to the “green”. Sergey Sergeevich (Kravtsov – editor’s note), please: get together with the participation of our representatives of the federal headquarters. Colleagues, tell the head of the Republic, gather your management team and come to Moscow. Together with the head,” the Secretary of the General Council emphasized.

Also, together with Sergey Kravtsov, he will hold a field meeting on the overhaul and construction of schools in the Kaliningrad region. The region is in the “red” zone for 5 objects. Design work is being carried out on two, three should be commissioned this year, but the deadlines are already being violated. The Ministry of Education offered the region to return federal budget funds for these facilities.

We don’t need money, we need schools. Sergey Sergeevich (Kravtsov – ed. note), I have a proposal to gather the whole team, those who work under the concession, and make the same visit to the Kaliningrad region as to Dagestan. Warn the governor that we will have a visit to the facilities,” he said.

In conclusion, the Secretary of the General Council called on the heads of the regions to keep under personal control the completion of work on all facilities.

In the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, in 2022, a major overhaul was carried out at a school in the village of Kharuta. The foundation, walls, ceilings were reinforced in it. The building was completely insulated. In addition, new furniture and equipment were purchased.

Secretary of the Nenets Regional Branch of the United Russia Party, Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Yuri Bezdudny instructed to prepare proposals for scaling up the successful experience to other schools in the district. Documentation for the overhaul of schools in the villages of Nes and Oksino was sent to the Ministry of Education. In 2023, the development of design estimates for the repair of a school in the village of Kotkino will begin. As in Harut, all stages of repair work in these schools will be kept under special control by activists of local branches of the party, along with members of the public.

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