May 29, 2023

Warsaw. Poland


The Russian embassy is ready for any decisions of Moscow regarding Poland after the seizure of the school building at the diplomatic department in Warsaw. Told about it TASS Sunday, April 30, Russian Ambassador to the Republic Sergey Andreev.

“Decisions are made in our center. As our leadership decides, so be it,” Andreev explained.

On the morning of April 29, representatives of the Warsaw City Hall, accompanied by security officials broke into the school at the embassy of the Russian Federationby breaking down the door. Representatives of the Russian embassy, ​​including Minister-Counselor Andrey Ordash, also arrived at the school building. He warned that the Russian side considers all decisions to confiscate property to be illegal, and the actions of city hall employees will be followed by reciprocal diplomatic steps. Warsaw gave school staff until 19:00 Moscow time to leave the building.

After that, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Russia will respond harshly on the actions of Poland. The diplomats stressed that these “another hostile and brazen actions of the Polish authorities” are regarded as a blatant violation of the Vienna Convention. The school itself will reopen in a different building. Classes will run as normal.

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