May 28, 2023
Flag of Georgia at the parliament building
©Alexander Patrin/TASS

The Georgian government will not allow inciting xenophobia against Russians in the event of an increase in the flow of tourists from the Russian Federation. This statement was made by the chairman of the ruling party “Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia” Irakli Kobakhidze. He expressed this opinion during an interview with a Georgian TV channel.

“Now the tourist season is approaching, and they (the opposition. – Profile”) will again try to sow panic in society that many ethnic Russians are coming, this can cause the fall of the country,” Kobakhidze said. His words leads Wednesday, May 10, TASS.

According to the politician, there is no place for xenophobia in Georgia. The country prides itself on its tolerance and tolerance, he added. “There is no place for ethnic intolerance and rejection of tolerance in Georgia,” Kobakhidze stressed.

Former President of Russia signed a decree, according to which the ban for Russian airlines on flights to Georgia is lifted. And the Russian Foreign Ministry canceled the recommendation for Russians to refrain from traveling to this country.

The representative of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation said that after the decree of the head of state on the lifting of restrictions on flights between Russia and Georgia Russian airlines will fly from Moscow to Tbilisi and back seven times a week. Air carriers are preparing to resume flights.

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