June 5, 2023

Very soon, graduates will face an important test, they will have to pass the exam. Psychologist Maya Andriyanicheva told how parents can help their child cope with stress before exams.

According to the expert, a lot depends on how parents themselves relate to exams. She advises giving children the right to make mistakes. A teenager must be sure that he is loved in any situation.

“This will help the child to relax and concentrate on the tasks that he faces in the exam, and not on the fear of not passing it. If the graduate is supported, then he will be able to pass the exam with interest and without anxiety,” quotes Andriyanichev “Tula News Service”.

The specialist also recommended not to burden the student with studies from morning to night, but to allocate a certain time for this, and be sure to leave an hour or two for rest, meeting friends and walking. If you follow this recommendation, the result on the exam will be better than if the teenager constantly sat at the textbooks.

The psychologist also noted that parents should talk with their children in order to understand at what stage of preparation they are, and, if necessary, help them. Andriyanicheva added that it is important for both parents and children to understand that the most important thing in life is physical and mental health, and the exam can be retaken.

Earlier experts also gave advice to parentshow to support a child before passing the OGE and the Unified State Examination. As the teacher of the USE courses in social studies noted, the main fear lies in the uncertainty of the exam itself. To solve this problem, she recommends attending a trial exam and asking the graduate to talk about the experience.

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