June 5, 2023

In October 2023, official deliveries of a large frame pickup truck of the new VGV brand for Russia, owned by the Chinese concern Sinotruk, should begin.

A large dealer holding from St. Petersburg will supply new pickups. It is planned that the first cars will go on sale in the third quarter of 2023 and by the end of the year 2,000 cars will be delivered to our country, write “Chinese cars”.

In China, a new pickup truck was announced in the database of the Ministry of Industry under the name Howo S6. The dimensions of the car are 5645 x 1895 x 1890 mm with a wheelbase of 3470 mm, that is, in Russia it will compete primarily with Great Wall products. The car received a spectacular body design with an abundance of unpainted plastic elements and a complex shape of optics.

According to the publication, the loading area of ​​the VGV / Howo S6 is 20 mm shorter than that of the Great Wall King Kong Poer pickup truck, which has just begun sales. The front suspension is independent, a continuous axle is installed at the rear, fixed according to the classic pickup truck scheme using leaf springs. The declared carrying capacity is 495 kg, that is, the new pickup truck from Sinotruk will be able to freely enter the “cargo frame” of Moscow.

A short-wheelbase modification has also been announced, its dimensions are 5400 x 1965 x 1898 mm with a wheelbase of 3230 mm, while the carrying capacity for it is the same as for the larger model.

Sinotruck VGV S6

Sinotruck VGV S6


The new pickup truck is powered by a 2-liter Weichai turbodiesel engine. Claimed power – 190 hp, torque – 420 Nm. The main advantage of the VGV pickup over the Great Wall King Kong Poer of similar dimensions and equipment will be the modification with an 8-speed automatic transmission – the King Kong Poer pickup is delivered to Russia exclusively with a manual transmission.

All-wheel drive in the VGV S6 model is implemented according to the Torque-on-demand principle: like in many crossovers, the front axle is connected automatically when the rear wheels slip through the clutch.

The VGV brand belongs to the Sinotruk concern, known in Russia for its Sitrak and Howo trucks. On the entry into the Russian market of a new brand VGV Profile.ru wrote in February 2023. Then it was announced that the VGV sales network would be launched in St. Petersburg, Moscow and several other major cities of the country. In addition to the pickup truck, Russian representatives of the new brand have already announced that a large frame SUV will appear in the near future.

The first VGV models in Russia should be two D-class crossover models designed on the same platform – U70 Pro and U75 Plus.

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