June 5, 2023

Military personnel and employees of the department place portraits of relatives – participants in the Great Patriotic War on official and personal cars

Photo: Rosgvardia NAO

Along with the portrait of his namesake grandfather, the driver of the detention group of the private guards of the Russian Guard, police ensign Alexander Spirikhin, took up duty. The grandson honors the memory of the illustrious ancestor, who, among the first people of Naryanmar, went to the front to stop the treacherous enemy and contribute to the Great Victory.

– Grandfather is in many ways an example for me: in conscientious work, and in selfless service to the Fatherland, and in diligent sports. The life path of Alexander Mikhailovich Spirikhin became a moral guide for me. Three military medals, the Order of Honor, the badge “Honorary Polar Explorer” and the title “Honorary Citizen of Naryan-Mar” testify to grandfather’s contribution to the approach of Victory Day and the development of his native country,” said Alexander Spirikhin.

All motorists of the district can take part in the All-Russian campaign “Immortal Automobile Regiment”. This is one of the new Immortal Regiment formats announced by the organizers. They explained that in this way the faces of the heroes for all holidays will be with their descendants, for whose bright future they fought. This is the main purpose of the action. In addition to portraits of veterans and photographs of their awards, stories about the participants of the Great Patriotic War and a description of their exploits can be placed on the windows of cars.

Photo: Rosgvardia NAO

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