May 27, 2023



Jupiter will briefly hide behind the Moon on Wednesday, May 17th. The phenomenon can be observed in northern latitudes, the Moscow Planetarium said.

They noted that the Moon would be on the “observer-planet” line, as a result of which Jupiter would become invisible for some time. It will be possible to observe the phenomenon in northern latitudes. At the same time, the further north and west from the capital, the better the conditions will be, writes TASS.

The coverage can be seen from 17:00 Moscow time. The astronomers added that Jupiter and the Moon will be located at an angular height of 7° to 3°.

“The thin crescent of the Moon will approach Jupiter, then close it. In 20 minutes, Jupiter will reappear already because of the dark side of the Moon. The occultation of the planets by the Moon is a very spectacular sight. The smallness of the apparent size of the planets in comparison with the huge disk of the Moon is especially impressive,” added in the planetarium.

Scientists recalled that daytime observations using optical instruments should be carried out with caution: the Sun cannot be viewed through binoculars because of the risk of eye burns.

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