June 5, 2023
The building of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

The building of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

©Yuri Mashkov/TASS

Western countries in 2022 sent more than 70 billion rubles. to finance 9,000 non-profit organizations (NPOs) in Russia. This was announced on Thursday, May 11, by Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation Oleg Sviridenko.

During the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, Sviridenko emphasized that 70 billion rubles. “These are figures for NGOs only.” “Let me remind you that this illegal activity, which violates the national interests of Russia, can be engaged – already under the new law – and individuals,” he said. Writes about it RIA News.

He pointed to the colossal pressure exerted on Russia by Western countries. In particular, Sviridenko noted the organization of the uncontrolled dissemination of information, which is aimed at undermining the national security of Russia. The Deputy Minister stressed that the West spends a lot of money for these purposes. “Any methods are used to destabilize the situation inside our country,” he said, adding that all this is aimed at young people. In addition, Sviridenko said that the money is directed to “all areas of domestic political life.”

The status of a foreign agent appeared in the legislation of the Russian Federation in 2012 along with changes in the law on NGOs. According to data from open sources, about 210,000 NGOs operate in Russia. Of these, about 300 recognized foreign agents.

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