May 28, 2023
gold items

The Ministry of Finance of Russia proposes to give the Federal Assay Office the right to conduct unscheduled inspections of participants in the jewelry market. About it report “Izvestia” with reference to the resolution, which was developed by the department.

The document refers to cases of seizure by law enforcement officers of products made of precious metals and precious stones in the course of operational-search activities.

The ministry believes that this measure is necessary due to the increased cases of illegal circulation of jewelry. It is noted that in 2022, due to the moratorium, the Federal Assay Office was forced to cancel 126 scheduled inspections.

The Ministry of Finance emphasized that there is no talk of tightening control over the jewelry industry. The document is designed to stop the growth in the number of violations of legislation in the sphere of production and circulation of precious metals, the ministry explained.

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