May 29, 2023
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In connection with the situation in the Sverdlovsk region, the Russian Emergencies Ministry is in favor of amending the Code of Administrative Offenses (CAO) in matters of fire safety and responsibility in case of fire. It is proposed to assign it to the owners of the land plots where the fire occurred.

This was announced on Friday, April 28, by the Deputy Director of the Department of Supervisory Activities and Preventive Work of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Sergey Voronov, writes RIA Novosti – Real Estate. “Our task is to initiate changes to the Code of Administrative Offenses, according to which the owner of the land will potentially be a responsible person,” he explained.

According to Voronov, it is proposed to impose responsibility on the owner even if “other persons commit illegal actions on his land plot.”

On the afternoon of April 25, a large fire broke out in the village of Sosva, Sverdlovsk Region. As of April 26, in the region burnt out in a day about 178 buildings, including 134 residential buildings, 32 non-residential buildings, eight country houses and two outbuildings. Emergency services managed to defend more than 1,200 residential buildings in the settlements of Tayozhny and Sosva.

The Federal Penitentiary Service for the Sverdlovsk region said that grass broke out in Sosva near a medical correctional institution. According to the rescuers, “waste of wood production and nearby buildings” caught fire first. The fire quickly spread due to strong gusts of wind and a large number of dry plants.

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