June 5, 2023
Chinese fighters

Chinese fighter jets (file photo)

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The Taiwanese armed forces recorded 38 aircraft and six ships of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) approaching the island in a day. This was announced on Friday, April 28, in the press service of the defense department of the island.

The press service said that during the period from 06:00 Thursday, April 27, to 06:00 Friday, April 28, 19 aircraft entered the air defense identification zone of the island in the southwest, southeast and northeast and crossed the so-called “median line” of the Taiwan Strait. We are talking about the Su-30, J-10, J-16 fighters, the TB-001 military drone and the BZK-005 reconnaissance drone, as well as the Y-8 radar reconnaissance aircraft. About it writes TASS with reference to the defense department of the island. In response, the Taiwanese military raised an air patrol to monitor the situation, deployed anti-aircraft missile systems, and distributed radio warnings.

On Monday, April 17, The armed forces of Taiwan recorded in a day approaching the island of 18 aircraft and four ships of the People’s Liberation Army of China. We are talking, in particular, about the TB-001 military drone, two Z-9 multi-purpose helicopters, and the J-11 fighter.

The Taiwan issue has been open since 1949, when the communist People’s Republic of China was proclaimed on the mainland, and the Kuomintang party that ruled the country before fled to Taiwan. Since 1992, the “one China policy” has come into effect, according to which there can be only one Chinese state in the world. Countries that maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan automatically cut off relations with China.

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