June 2, 2023

In total, 84 students graduated from NAET this year.

Graduates at the solemn event were congratulated by the Governor of the NAO Yuri Bezdudny. He noted that young people have a long life ahead of them.

Photo: Ekaterina Esther/nao24.ru

“Your studies are over, and you are already qualified specialists. Many of you have already decided on a job, but you still have a long way to go. Someone will go further to study and improve, and someone will triple in work, for example, I know for sure that Maxim Sadkov will be a teacher at his native technical school. Guys, it is very important that you remember your student years, because they were filled with friendship, change, emotions and difficult exams. Perhaps today’s holiday is a bit sad, because it’s always sad to say goodbye. There are many trials ahead of you, so gain strength and patience. Guys, do not lose everything that you managed to acquire within the walls of the technical school, – said the head of the region, addressing the graduates.

Also, Anton Pustovalov, Head of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, addressed the audience with a welcoming speech.

— It is very important that this year in Russia has been declared the Year of the Teacher and Mentor. These people deserve immense respect. Guys, I hope that in the future you will come to NAET and tell teachers about your progress. The experience you have gained here is also a great merit of your teachers,” said Anton Pustovalov.

On the holiday, many words of gratitude were addressed to parents and teachers. With special trepidation and trembling in their voices, the graduates addressed their class teachers.

Photo: Ekaterina Esther/nao24.ru

— We sincerely want to thank our teachers for investing in us a lot of knowledge and efforts, never sparing their efforts, emotions, time and care. Thank you for our upbringing and education. We wish you many years of successful teaching, inexhaustible enthusiasm and optimism, bright happiness and good miracles on the way,” future accountant Evgeny Laptander wished.

It should be noted that out of 84 graduates, 30 students graduated from the specialty “Information systems and programming”, 22 people – the specialty “Technology of bread, confectionery and pasta”, 12 students studied the specialty “Veterinary Medicine”, 20 graduates graduated from the specialty “Economics and Accounting “.

Photo: Ekaterina Esther/nao24.ru

Issues in the specialties “Information systems and programming”, as well as “Technology of bread, confectionery and pasta” are the first in the region. However, many students have already achieved good results.

Maxim Sadkov has been working at the Nenets Agrarian and Economic College since 2021 as a software engineer, and from September he will teach at his native educational institution.

Aleksey Mitrofanov successfully passed the competitive selection at ANO DPO “School of Data Analysis” and from autumn will teach the 1st year program “Fundamentals of Python Programming” as part of the educational project “Yandex Academy Lyceum” in our region.


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