May 29, 2023
Grain loading

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the “grain deal” will be extended for another two months. He confirmed the information about the extension of the agreement during a conversation with reporters on Thursday, May 18.

“We can confirm that the Russian side has decided to continue the so-called Black Sea deal for a period of two months. There is a relative result in the negotiations with the participation of representatives of Turkey, Ukraine and the UN,” the Kremlin spokesman said. His words quotes RIA News.

Talks on resolving the issue of the supply of Russian ammonia after the extension of the agreement continue, Peskov added.

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation the day before confirmed the extension “grain deal”. The agreement will be valid for another two months, the ministry said.

Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN in the summer of 2022 signed a “grain deal” (the Black Sea grain initiative). The agreements are of a package nature and provide for the export of Ukrainian food and fertilizers from three Black Sea ports, as well as unblocking the export of agricultural products and fertilizers from the Russian Federation. In mid-November, the “grain deal” was extended for 120 days, and in March 2023 for another 60 days. The “grain deal” was due to expire today, May 18.

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