May 28, 2023

The finance ministers and central bankers of the G7 (G7) countries held a three-day meeting in Niigata (Japan). As a result, they confirmed their determination “to introduce and implement sanctions and other economic measures” against Russia.

This is stated in the joint final statement. RIA News on Saturday, May 13th. The document also notes that the ministers and heads of the central banks of the G7 countries will “resist any attempts” to circumvent sanctions against the Russian Federation or get away from them. The parties intend to strengthen cooperation to monitor cross-border transactions between the Russian Federation and other countries and “closely monitor the effectiveness of the price threshold” for oil and oil products from Russia.

Also, the finance ministers and heads of the Central Banks of the G7 countries confirmed their intention to contribute to the financial needs of Ukraine and neighboring countries. The statement following the meeting noted the readiness to support Kyiv “for as long as it takes.”

The topics of maintaining restrictive measures against Russia, as well as support for Ukraine, will also be discussed at the summit the other day leaders of the G7 countries. It will be held in Japan on May 19-21. Japan’s ambassador to the United States said the meeting’s agenda will have “several priorities.”

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