May 28, 2023
Central African Republic

Chairman of the “Russia House” in the Central African Republic (CAR) Dmitry Syty returned to Bangui. He has already begun to perform his work duties, told RIA Novosti representatives of the press service of this organization.

“The head of the Russian House, Dmitry Sytyi, returned to Bangui and set to work. Today he held a press conference for local journalists,” the publication quotes a comment from representatives of the Russian House.

On December 16, there was an assassination attempt on Dmitry Syty – he opened the parcel, where explosive device. Rossotrudnichestvo considered the incident a terrorist act. The head of the CAR police said that Syty had previously turned to local law enforcement officers for help because of threats.

A parcel with explosives was sent to Syty from the capital of Togo, it was delivered by DHL. Already in February 2023, four employees of this company were detained in the case of an attempt on the life of the head of the Russia House.

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