June 5, 2023

Photo: NAO24 archive

According to the Naryan-Mar United Hydrometeorological Station, ice drift of varying intensity is observed on the territory of the Nenets Autonomous District on the Pechora River in the area with. Kamenka – s. Bolshaya Sopka (56-20 km from Naryan-Mar) and in the area of ​​the village of Pylemets.

The head of the ice drift develops below the s. Bolshaya Sopka (20 km from Naryan-Mar) along the Bolshaya Pechora.

On the site with Toshviska – s. Velikotemporal (104-83 km from Naryan-Mar) is clean. Downstream, ice formation with rims persists, the ice has darkened, and water has come out onto the ice. In the area with Velikovisochnoe (83 km from Naryan-Mar) there is a drop in the water level by 20 cm per day.

On the site with Toshviska (104 km from Naryan-Mar) – Yushino village (74 km downstream of Naryan-Mar), the intensity of water level growth per day was 6-130 cm.

According to the forecast, ice drift in the Naryan-Mar area is expected on May 20-21.

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