May 27, 2023

It is reported by the united hydrometeorological station Naryan-Mar

Photo: Ekaterina Esther/

As of 16:00, on the territory of the district on the Pechora River, ice drift from medium to rare is observed in the section Toshviska – Makarovo. At 12:15 ice movement began in the Bondarka area, at 15:15 the ice movement stopped. Also, the movement of ice was noted in the area of ​​the village of Iskateley.

The head of the ice drift develops in the section Makarovo (6 km from Naryan-Mar) – Bondarka (2 km below Naryan-Mar). In the channel Gorodetsky Shar, the ice melts on the spot, cracks appeared on the ice.

In the region of Oskolkovo (48 km below Naryan-Mar) and Yushino (72 km below Naryan-Mar), rims remain. On the Malaya Pechora at 12:50 in the Andega region (17 km below Naryan-Mar), ice shifts were noted, at 13:00 Moscow time thick ice drift began.

In the area of ​​Khongurei, Oksino and Makarovo, water levels drop to 10 cm; at other posts, the intensity of water level growth in the territory of the Nenets Autonomous District for 8 hours was within 100 cm.

The Sula (Kotkino), Pesha (Volokovaya) and Adzva (Kharuta) rivers cleared of ice. On Kolva (Khorey-Ver), rims remain, the ice has darkened.

Currently, no dangerous and unfavorable phenomena have been recorded in the region.

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