May 27, 2023
Harvesting grain in Russia
©Nikolay Gyngazov/Global Look Press

The Russian government has approved the allocation of budget allocations reserved in the federal budget to the Ministry of Agriculture. The funds will be received by the regions to reimburse farmers for part of the costs of production and sale of grain crops.

The initiative will help maintain the volume of grain production and maintain the level of profitability of grain-producing enterprises. About this on Saturday, May 13, informs government press office.

Earlier it was reported that the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation will allocate 10 billion rubles. to support grain producers. The money will come from the federal budget to 65 regions of the country. The authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation will transfer funds to local agricultural producers. As a result, farmers will be able to compensate up to 50% of their costs for the production and sale of wheat, rye, barley and corn.

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