May 27, 2023

EMERCOM officer (file photo)

© EMERCOM of Moscow/

In the Bryansk region, a fire that started as a result of a freight train derailment was eliminated. Three recovery trains and repair crews of railway workers are working at the site.

The movement of trains on the section Unecha – Rassuha is suspended. Suburban trains Bryansk – Unecha follow a shortened route to Pochep station and back. About this on Monday, May 1, reported Russian Railways press service in its Telegram channel.

Departure of a freight train locomotive and seven wagons (four with oil products and three with construction cargo) happened on the morning of May 1 on the stretch Unecha – Rassuha due to the undermining of the railway tracks. The locomotive and two tanks caught fire. There were no casualties.

Russian Railways warned about possible delays passenger trains to Moscow. So, trains heading to the capital from Novozybkov and Klimov may be delayed.

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