May 29, 2023
Deprivation of liberty



Amendments have been submitted to the State Duma for consideration, which allow detaining Russians in case of violation of bans in territories under martial law. About this on Tuesday, May 16, informed Federation Council Senator Andrei Klishas in his Telegram channel.

“On the territory where martial law has been introduced, measures such as administrative detention for up to 30 days are applied in case of violation of the prohibitions and restrictions established by presidential decrees,” the politician specified.

According to him, additional measures may also be applied to violators, including the forced and controlled movement of citizens to areas where martial law does not apply.

In addition, amendments have been made that should ensure the exercise of the electoral rights of Russians living in the territory of the new subjects. In particular, it is proposed to clarify that in regions under martial law, referenda and elections are not held, except in cases where a decision on them is made after consultations with the RF Ministry of Defense and the FSB. In such cases, referendums can be held both in the entire territory and in part of it.

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