June 5, 2023

Dogs, like humans, can have different types of allergies, skin allergies are common. Among its possible symptoms are itching, redness, hair loss, rash. To understand what the allergy is, you need to contact your veterinarian. It is also important to understand what can become triggers of the disease – in many cases this will help to avoid serious problems. Nina Downing, a veterinary nurse for the British charity PDSA, has shared what dog owners need to know about allergies.

Treat your dog for fleas and ticks

Dogs often have more than one trigger that triggers an allergic reaction. This can make it difficult to determine the cause of a skin allergy. “Triggers can be many things – fleas, food, pollen, mites. These are just some of the triggers,” says Downing.

You need to regularly treat your pet for fleas and ticks, writes Yorkshire Evening Post. It is especially relevant for the spring-summer period. This is important not only for the prevention of allergies – a tick bite can cause a dog to develop diseases that cause premature death.

Watch your dog’s diet

Skin allergies can occur to industrial feeds. Often, animals have allergic reactions to certain foods, including chicken. If you notice that your dog is itching, try eliminating food or foods that were given before from his diet. The expert also advises contacting a veterinarian so that he can make an accurate diagnosis.

Be patient during treatment

It’s hard to see that your pet is in discomfort. You may need to visit the vet more than once. “It’s very important to be patient, especially when you start treating an animal. Ask your veterinarian questions and share your concerns,” says Downing. Strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations. For example, he may prescribe anti-allergic drugs or prescribe a different food for the dog.

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