May 29, 2023

The right hair conditioner can give your locks a healthy shine, make them smooth, manageable and less prone to splitting and brittleness. However, those with thin or thinning hair should avoid conditioners that contain three ingredients that can lead to even more thinning, dryness, and deterioration in the appearance of the hair. They were named by Ana Vasilescu, the founder of a company that gives advice on choosing products for skin and hair.


Silicones are often found in various cosmetic products, including hair conditioners. They are designed to make hair smoother and shinier. According to the expert, silicones only create the appearance of healthy hair, as they do not penetrate into their structure, while the harm from them can be quite real. So, silicones can leave a greasy coating on the hair, which makes fine hair heavier, which makes it lose volume and look lifeless. Also, silicones can build up on hair over time, making it look weak and greasy.


These substances are often included not only in conditioners, but also in shampoos and other hair care products. They are known for their toughness. Sulfates more actively remove natural oils from the hair, which can make curls dry and brittle, said Ana Vasilescu. She emphasized that sulfate exposure can be critical for fine hair, as it is weaker and more susceptible to damage than other types of hair. writes She finds.


Various alcohols can also often be seen in the formulations of cosmetics. They are ways to greatly dry not only the hair itself, but also the scalp, and also contribute to the washing out of natural oils, the expert believes. As a result, this leads to even greater thinning and brittleness. The expert advised avoiding conditioners and other hair products that contain ethanol, SD-alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and propanol.

Useful components in the air conditioner

Anna Vasilescu urged to pay attention to four useful components that should be in the conditioner for women with thin hair. First of all, this natural oilssuch as argan, coconut and jojoba, which can help nourish and moisturize curls without weighing them down, as well as sealing the hair cuticle and reducing frizz.

Another component is protein, able to strengthen and thicken the hair, making the hair thicker and more voluminous. It can also help heal and nourish the scalp.

You should also look for air conditioners with vitamins in the composition – biotin, vitamins E and B5. They contribute to the nutrition, strengthening and growth of curls, as well as protection from the harmful effects of the environment.

The fourth useful component for hair – humidifiersuch as honey, glycerin and hyaluronic acid. The expert noted that they help retain moisture in the hair, keeping it softer, smoother and more manageable.

It may come as a surprise to many that their hair conditioner is probably mostly flushed down the drain without doing as much good for the hair as it can. This is related to one common mistakewhich it is time to stop doing, so as not to “kill” the efficiency of the air conditioner.

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