June 5, 2023
Exchange rates

On Thursday, May 11, the euro exchange rate during trading on the Moscow Exchange fell below 83 rubles. This has happened for the first time since April 3rd.

So, as of 10:01 Moscow time, the rate of the European currency decreased by 46 kopecks, to the level of 83.13 rubles. Minutes earlier, the euro fell below 83 rubles. and fell to a maximum of 82.92 rubles.

The dollar, in turn, is declining by 11 kopecks, to 75.95 rubles, and the yuan – by 4 kopecks, to a mark of 10.91 rubles, writes RIA News.

In early April, the euro exchange rate was more than 90 rubles. The Bank of Russia stated that the exchange rate of the Russian currency weakened as a result of the extension of the “bottom point” of export earnings due to its subsidence at the beginning of the year. The regulator noted that further dynamics will be smoother. May 4 euro fell below 86 rubles. for the first time since the beginning of April.

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